What is a Mind Virus?

Our subconscious tries to hide deep seated emotions and irrational fears by creating a super program called Mind Virus. These viruses are capable of vetting our thoughts and transforming feelings and emotions, thereby creating internal conflict and self-defeating behavior. Our system of beliefs is eroded, replaced by strong emotions that can lead to erroneous thinking, behavior and health problems.

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Environmental Influences

Our belief system is influenced by various societal customs, rules, and interactions as we progress from childhood to adulthood. Familial genetic background known as DNA, religion, education, geographic location, and memorable negative events such as trauma and/or loss all contribute to the formation of our mindset.  These factors are also capable of triggering mind viruses.


As we age, we develop filters through life experiences. These filters are established beliefs, feelings, values and state of mind. As we perceive life through our senses, the forming thoughts go through these filters for recognition and cataloguing before entering the mind.  If mind viruses are encountered, our thoughts may immediately be manipulated or altered.

Mind Virus Tools

As thoughts progress through the mind, they become entangled in the web of the mind virus. Thoughts are vetted, connected to other thoughts, distorted by the mind virus tools. These tools act like traps resulting in an erroneous perception of the original thought. Resulting decisions often bypass logic, common sense and our established “drives”.

Outer Drives

Outer or spiritual drives connect us to the universe. These may be known as illumination, universal love, cosmic impulse or consciousness. Not everyone believes these connections exist and not everyone knows how to use them. In connection with the inner drives, they are there to supply a” life force” and to assist us in achieving the benefits of a clear and congruent mind.

Inner Drives

Inner drives such as motivation, intuition, ego and sexuality form the driving force that makes us who we really are. Some drives are permanently ingrained but most can be modified or manipulated for better or for worse.  In conjunction with environmental influences, our inner drives can grow to become formidable allies.  However, when mind viruses deform our thoughts, the inner drives are weakened, becoming less efficient.  Proper thought processes are diverted away from our inner and outer drives leading to disastrous conclusions. Instead of protecting us from harmful emotions, the mind viruses are creating a state of mental confusion.  We become comparable to a ship without a captain or a rudder to direct it.

This diagram illustrates a clear and congruent mind where the conscious and subconscious are working together in a harmonious fashion while processing thoughts and emotions.

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  • Events happen…. thoughts are formed
  • Thoughts are vetted through the filters and are catalogued
  • Thoughts travel through the various parts of the mind connecting with previously stored thoughts and programs without interference from mind  viruses.
  • The emerging thoughts are improved and directed by the inner and outer drives.  A clear picture of what we need to do is emerging.
  • Permanently ingrained drives connect us to the appropriate behavior, thinking and outlook.
  • Mental confusion and indecision is avoided. We are stable, able to cope with whatever life brings us

Healing Tools and Tips

Maintaining a clear and congruent mind requires an ability to handle irrational fears, deep-seated emotions and erroneous thoughts.  To help with avoiding the mind viruses, some tools and tips will help tame said viruses.

You must find which thoughts are interfering with your feelings. Control or change your thoughts in order to control/modify any negative feelings.  When feelings become strong emotions, they can initiate and feed mind viruses.

The Connection

A diorama illustrating ways to connect and communicate with the subconscious.  The goal is to pacify mind viruses and integrate a clear and congruent state of mind. There are several possible ways to make the symbolic connection to our established inner and outer drives.


This diorama is a symbolic representation of our inner mind .

There are two distinct areas.  The outer ring represents the input  from your environment.  The Inner  ring is the area where the inner and outer drives reside.

The space between the two rings is the area where uncertainty, negative thoughts, excuses and doubts are spawned. The mind viruses are waiting here.

To reach the inner area there is a portal that bypasses the mind viruses.

To symbolically bypass the virus influence, reach through the portal and grasp the white cylinder which  represents the outer drives.  The outer drives assist the inner drives to achieve the clear and congruent mind. 

For this project to work

  1. We must know what is wrong.
  2. We must understand what to do.
  3. We must want to fix the problem.
  4. We should have a visual.  (See module #1)
  5. Prepare and write a script of what you want to achieve.
  6. Think about your subconscious and your drives.
  7. Visualize the connection and the drives within. (see illustration below)
  8. Take action by inserting your hand into the connection.
  9. Mentally hold onto the drives.
  10. Read out the script that you want the subconscious to facilitate.
  11. This is a form of meditation.
  12. You may want a close friend or a professional to offer support.
  13. Remember and use the tools from Module #2.
  • We must be respectful of our own subconscious
  • We must communicate gently with our subconscious

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